What we Believe


  • Drives everything. Or stops everything
  • Creates an environment that makes decisions easier and faster without fear of retaliation. Or slower and harder
  • Creates good leaders. Or bad ones
  • Transcends business cycles. Or gets crushed by them
  • Is the cornerstone of a place people like to work. Or why they leave
  • Is simple to explain. Or complicated
  • Unites teams. Or divides them
  • Wins customers. Or loses them


  • Should be Value #1 at every organization. No exceptions
  • Needs to be non negotiable
  • Must be found
  • Can’t be taught
  • Is rewarded
  • Is the first filter through which decisions are poured through
  • Is strongest when you don’t even have to talk about it


  • Are misunderstood and overlooked
  • Drive goals and dictate strategy
  • Simplify actions
  • Establish priorities
  • Need to be the first filter through which all business activities are poured


  • Win
  • Are born, but leaders can be made
  • Lead from the front, not the back
  • Create loyalty through loyalty
  • Are not afraid to serve
  • Grow people
  • Never stop learning
  • Reward risk taking
  • Encourage failing fast
  • Have fun

Great Teams

  • Win consistently
  • Change often
  • Take risks
  • Argue
  • Carry culture through good times and bad
  • Sacrifice short term for long term